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Automated blowing of loose-fill mineral wool insulation instead of mineral wool slabs

The SHS preliminary study “Automated blowing of loose-fill mineral wool insulation instead of mineral wool slabs” tested a new efficient technique for the automated blowing of loose-fill mineral wool insulation into prefabricated floor elements containing building services.

The technique works but further development is needed
The use of loose-fill mineral wool in combination with a blowing slide had not been explored before, and the study could show that, while the technique worked, further development of the loose-fill mineral wool material was needed, together with optimisation of blowing technology.

When building services occur in building elements, the latter need to be designed to facilitate blowing. This is not believed to be a major challenge.

The main results

  • Loose-fill mineral wool can be used as fill material in conjunction with a blowing slide.
  • In order to obtain the same lambda value with loose-fill mineral wool as for mineral wool slabs, a higher density is required, i.e. more material. If slabs of PAROC Extra of lambda 0.036 are used for comparison purposes, this equates to ~45 kg/m3 of BLT1 loose-fill mineral wool. In the tests, a value of 45 kg/m3 could be achieved, but optimisation and experience are needed if this is to be achievable in continuous production.
  • Loose-fill mineral wool in conjunction with a blowing slide has the edge over slab insulation where the structures contain building services. Flexator is of the view that the technique could be introduced after a further degree of optimisation has been achieved. The aim would then be to gradually introduce the blowing technique into all stations (floor, walls and roof).

The main benefits

  • To have shown that continued development of loose-fill mineral wool and blowing technique is viable.
  • To have raised awareness of the loose-fill mineral wool blowing technique within the Swedish wooden building industry and apprised them of its benefits.

Project participants
Flexator, Paroc, Michael Hohenstein, Thomas Frick and Swerea IVF.

For more information, contact the project manager
Kalle Persson, Swerea IVF,