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Integrated sound in a shower screen

The SHS pilot study “Integrated sound in a shower screen” (Integrerat ljud i duschvägg) examined the option of using a shower screen as a carrier of sound and whether this could be controlled from a mobile phone, for example.

A shower screen prototype offering good sound was produced. This looks attractive and is safe, given that electronics are being used in a wet room.

The shower screen, which is made of laminated glass, acts as a loudspeaker together with a transducer (energy transmitter). This is controlled by a mobile phone using Bluetooth.

The actual electronics are on the outside of the screen and concealed by a towel rail. A rechargeable battery powers the unit. You can change the volume and song from the inside of the shower screen using touch sensitive buttons.

The prototype has been devised by a partnership involving RISE Glass (formerly Glafo), SP Danmark, GFAB and INR. This is the first prototype from the “smart bathroom” concept.

It turned out that the six-millimetre laminated glass gave a sound fully comparable with commercial products.

Further development is needed to reduce and waterproof the electronics. Research and development into laminated glass that is able to withstand a really damp environment are also desirable.

Project manager: Lina Grund Bäck, RISE Glass,, 010 516 63 61