Smart Housing Småland

Smart Housing Småland bygger en internationellt ledande innovationsmiljö som, med användaren i centrum, skapar smart boende och hållbar byggd miljö med bas i glas och trä.

New glass walkway for Kulturparken Småland

Kulturparken Småland is looking to create a more homogenous environment and obtain better use of its premise areas. A glass walkway between Smålands Museum and the House of Emigrants would facilitate visitor flow between them and provide new exhibition areas, as well as creating a new “exhibition window” for passers-by, representing a significant enhancement of the urban landscape.

The preliminary study has focused on determining how transparent intelligence might be used to create new, sustainable, artistic and architectural forms that would help enhance public spaces. The participants also looked at how the new public space might be used to exhibit prototypes from e.g. RISE Glass (formerly Glafo) and Smart Housing Småland for the benefit of the general public.

Partnership: RISE Glass (project owner), Linnaeus University, Kulturparken Småland and Vöfab.

Project manager: Lina Grund Bäck, RISE Glass, +46 (0)10 516 63 61