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Fire-resistant glued joints for weight-bearing wooden constructions

Building in wood is growing strongly and is part of sustainable societal development. Several modern wooden construction systems are now being developed for industrial building of multi-storey wooden buildings in which glued products are an essential element.

The goal of this project is to develop a small-scale method for measuring the behaviour of CLT glued joints during fires. Fire safety is important, but international studies show that the characteristics of glued joints in weight-bearing constructions in the event of a fire are not sufficiently known. It is therefore of the utmost importance to identify methods to evaluate the characteristics of the adhesive in the event of a fire.

The hypothesis is that different adhesive systems behave differently during a fire and that de-lamination characteristics can be avoided through a suitable adhesive system.

Full-scale tests are the best evaluation methods, but given the costs involved in these, small-scale testing methods that give the same results need to be developed.

The study tested glued joints in both CLT and laminated timber. This means the same adhesive systems can be tested as in other projects being implemented by RISE, and they can be evaluated to assess whether the small-scale tests correlate with the full-scale tests.

Project manager: Magdalena Sterley, RISE,

Partners: RISE, AkzoNobel, Martinsons and Södra.

Project period Oct 2017 – February 2018