Smart Housing Småland

Smart Housing Småland bygger en internationellt ledande innovationsmiljö som, med användaren i centrum, skapar smart boende och hållbar byggd miljö med bas i glas och trä.

Norm creativity at Smart Housing Småland to create a norm-creative Vinnväxt initiative

Smart Housing’s management team has increased its knowledge of norm creativity for a more inclusive approach through the Vinnova projectNorm creativity at Smart Housing Småland to create a norm-creative Vinnväxt initiative”. The project was conducted together with RISE and Linnaeus University. The objective of the project was to increase the understanding of norm-related challenges and develop a plan to introduce a norm-creative approach from which the entire innovation centre could benefit.

The focus was on examining the need for, and openness to, the introduction of inclusive innovation methods. This took place through three workshops and theory and work practice was presented around norms and how they can both prevent and promote innovation. The methods used were the meta-design framework “From me to we and back again” and NOVA – Tools and methods for norm-creative innovation.

The outcome of the project was increased knowledge of norms and how Smart Housing can work with norm-creative innovation methods. The next step will be to examine how norm-creative innovation methods can be used as a working method in Smart Housing and how ideas can be turned into inclusive and innovative solutions. The project team plans to apply for financing from Vinnova (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems) for a larger project that builds on the results.

Project participants: Träcentrum, RISE and Linnaeus University.
Project manager: Malin Löving, Smart Housing Småland/Träcentrum,, +46 (0)380-554 320

Financed by: Vinnova (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems)

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