Smart Housing Småland

Smart Housing Småland bygger en internationellt ledande innovationsmiljö som, med användaren i centrum, skapar smart boende och hållbar byggd miljö med bas i glas och trä.

Etikettarkiv: glasteknologi

Glass Performance Days, 25-28 jun

The technical sessions of the conference and workshops will address the challenges the industry faces today regarding the ever-changing demands on City planning, building design, energy-efficiency and environmental fit. A special focus will be on the contribution of new glass technologies to these demands. That is why our eyes will be on smart glass! The […]

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Innovations in Glass and Glass Technologies, sep 23-26

Innovations in Glass and Glass Technologies: Contributions to a Sustainable Society has three specific themes related to this main issue: Innovative Glass Materials and Products for Intelligent Living; Innovative Processes and Technologies for Environments and Energy Saving; Innovative Glasses and Processes for Radioactive Waste Management

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