Smart Housing Småland

Smart Housing Småland bygger en internationellt ledande innovationsmiljö som, med användaren i centrum, skapar smart boende och hållbar byggd miljö med bas i glas och trä.

Smarter constructions through innovation in glass and wood

Together we create sustainable growth, better housing and new business opportunities. Innovation is the guiding light for Smart Housing Småland, together with equality and sustainability. Our prioritized areas until 2020 are digitalization, building and housing. RISE is responsible for the innovation environment in collaboration with a great number of companies all over Småland, the three county administrative boards and provinces, Träcentrum, Linnaeus University and Jönköping University.


  • Fire-resistant glued joints for weight-bearing wooden constructions

    Building in wood is growing strongly and is part of sustainable societal development. Several modern wooden construction systems are now being developed for industrial building of multi-storey wooden buildings in which glued products are an essential element. The goal of this project is to develop a small-scale method for measuring the behaviour of CLT glued […]
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  • Review of film materials for glass lamination

    The interest in intelligent, transparent material is growing year by year, such as transparent screens with or without touch-screen functionality, which is one of the newest ways to use laminated films. Traditionally, glass lamination with films has mainly been used for creating security glass, a pane of glass that is more resilient to blows and […]
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  • Increasing the quality of glass – non-destructive testing of glass strength

    The strength of glass depends on its size and how few microscopic cracks exist in the surface. Without surface cracks glass would be much stronger than most other materials, such as steel for example. The size and number of surface cracks vary considerably, even in completely unused glass, which means that strength can differ considerably. […]
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  • Fire-resistant solutions in wooden buildings – knowledge level

    The wooden construction industry is a growing industry that works constantly with technology development and knowledge transfer. SHS focus theme group “fireproof building in wood and glass” initiated the now completed SHS pilot study “fireproof component solutions in wooden buildings” in which a report was produced on the current knowledge level of fire-resistant solutions. The […]
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  • Glued laminated beams made of sideboards – pilot study of technical properties and market conditions

    One of the challenges for the wooden constructions of today is how to meet the strict requirements on sound insulation, deflection and vibrations in wooden apartment blocks. This demands rigid joists that can manage a significant span without becoming too thick. To achieve the best results possible, the most rigid material possible needs to be […]
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