About us

Smart Housing Småland was an innovation arena for habitats in glass and wood that contribute to increased innovation and competitiveness in the industries for industrial production of wooden houses and further processing of flat glass.

In 2013, we became one of the winners in a competition called Vinnväxt, arranged by the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova, and were granted ten years of funding with the goal of establishing a nationally and internationally strong and attractive innovation environment.

During the first two phases of the environment’s development since 2013, the environment has increased its knowledge and established itself locally, regionally, and nationally. At the turn of the year 2019/2020, the third and final phase of Vinnova’s financing began, and in this phase, Smart Housing Småland became an innovation arena for habitats in glass and wood, with the specializations Habitats and Technology.

Habitats made it possible to address a larger whole than just housing. This also means other types of buildings than residential buildings together with the living environment; what exists between the houses, but also functions and services that create the housing of the future.

Technology made it possible to address materials, products, and processes needed to build a house, from idea to management, i.e. all steps in the construction process and use phase, but also thereafter; demolition and recycling.

During phase 3, Smart Housing Småland prepared for continued operations in regional collaboration together with the business community without the support of Vinnova.