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Forum Wood Building Nordic 2020

13 oktober - 16 oktober

For the first time, Forum Wood Building Nordic will this year be held online. From 08:25 to 10:30 each morning, we aim to bring you presentations from leading actors within research, industry and architecture – all focused on wood as a building material.

Participation will be free of charge.

Forum Wood building Nordic 2020 will focus on the new era ahead of us. The times are changing faster, more sudden and at a more fundamental level than in decades. From reaching the Sustainable Development Goals to handling the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, sudden shifts require a new level of strategic understanding, capacity to change and a will to look ahead.
With the Sustainable Development Goals as a baseline, the online conference will showcase the latest in industry, research and societal changes to highlight possible pathways for fundamental change and how to reach them.


• Tuesday: Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals
• Wednesday: Looking beyond the coronavirus
• Thursday: NERO (Nearly zero energy buildings in Nordic countries)
• Friday: Architectural projects


13 oktober
16 oktober