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2020/10/20 - 14:00 - 17:30



This webinar explores the topic of the circular economy for wood used for construction. Wood, as a natural and renewable material has huge advantages for sustainability. But ensuring that wood comes from responsibly managed forests is only part of the picture. Renewable is not the same as infinite and with rising global demand for wood, it is becoming increasingly necessary to think beyond its first use. As well as caring where the wood came from, we need to care about where it goes next.


This webinar will share interesting and useful findings from the ForestValue project “InFutUReWood”.
InFutUReWood aims to answer the questions: “How should we build today to be able to circulate tomorrow?” and “How should we design timber buildings and wood-based construction products from the perspective of reuse and recoverability?” It focuses on the potential reuse of current reclaimed wood as structural material, and on “design for deconstruction” to make future buildings better for the circular economy. We are developing methods for future circulation of timber products considering multiple life cycles, and practical industry issues at design, construction and deconstruction phases. This webinar will present what we have been working on, and seek views on whether we are going in the right direction.
The project has four major areas:

  • Design of timber structures for the future
  • Product design using recovered timber
  • Inventory, deconstruction and quality of recovered wood
  • Environmental and economic assessment of design for recycling in wood building construction


To register for the webinar, go here. The last registration day is the 18th of October


When you register for this webinar you will be given access to several online videos that you can watch when convenient to you. Some of these videos will cover background topics, so you can improve your knowledge in the areas that interest you.

During the webinar on the 20th of October we will give brief presentations about the main topics and have question and answer sessions.

Agenda for the 20th October 2020 (times are Central European Summer Time)






Presentation, what’s going on




14.00 Welcome & Introduction 

(get started)


Karin Sandberg,
RISE Research Institute of Sweden
14.10-14.40 Grading and assessment of timber in existing buildings, why this project is working to improve things, and how might grading be done differently in future 

Questions & Answers

Dan Ridley-Ellis,
Edinburgh Napier University, UK
10 minute break
14.50-15.20 Inventory, deconstruction and quality of recovered wood 

Questions & Answers

Mark Hughes, Bahareh Nasiri,
Aalto, Finland
5 minute break


Design for deconstruction and reuse of timber structures – state of the art review 

Questions & Answers

Carmen Cristescu,
RISE Research Institute of Sweden
5 minute break


Environmental and economic assessment of design for recycling in timber construction – goals and expected results 

Questions & Answers

Raphaela Ivanica, TUM Germany

5 minute break

16.45-17.15 Recycling of timber in new mass timber products, 


Questions & Answers

Caitríona Uí Chúláin, NUIG, Ireland
17.15 Summary & Feedback Karin Sandberg


14:00 - 17:30
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